About Arbor Haus

Nate Stangler – Owner/President

Nate has spent the last 10 years in home remodeling and construction honing a style of management that marries innovation and creativity with integrity and fairness—and brings all of these things to Arbor Haus. He loves the community of Excelsior where he lives with his wife Carisa, and two small boys, Will and Charlie. Though he has no pets at home currently, the boys are lobbying hard for a puppy! When he’s not being a powerhouse project manager, he loves being outside, snowboarding, going to the cabin, and boating with friends and family. He enjoys hockey and music, and is often found rocking out to the 80’s and 90’s stations on satellite radio while driving from project to project. And because coordinating the details of many job sites with clockwork efficiency doesn’t provide him with enough adrenaline, he would one day love to heli-ski in Alaska.

Shelly Peschel

Arbor Haus is thrilled to have Shelly as a part of their team because she brings so much experience and talent in so many areas. An experienced Marketing, Finance and Management Consultant, she also has a passion for architecture and design. Shelly loves to travel and even spent time abroad to visit and study the work of architect Antoni Gaudi, known for his organic style inspired by natural forms. She calls Excelsior home with her husband, Dan, two children, Colin and Jillian, and Jake, the big yellow lab. She loves reading and sewing, playing tennis and coaching soccer (when Jake isn’t hoarding the tennis and soccer balls), and dreaming about her next travel destination.

Dave Adriaens

Dave has been working in residential remodeling for 37 years and loves the projects he’s involved in for Arbor Haus. He currently lives in Cambridge and enjoys shooting at the local range in his spare time. His dream is to someday retire a millionaire—a dream that his wife Sandy, son Arthur, his four cats and his dog all hope becomes a reality.